Japanese Patent Outline for Hydroponics

Hydroponic cultivations have become popular in Japan. There are many vegetables using this technology at supermarkets etc..
Those technologies are the methods of growing plants using mineral nutrient solutions in a water solvent without soil.
It is important to adjust and manage the solution and to manage the environment of growroom for them.
There are a lot of patents in Japan for solving these problems or subjects.
The following is an outline of patent trend of the technologies by analyzing with F-term (a type of Japan patent classification)

How to adjust and control cultivation solutions

“Cultivation solutions” include other cultivation solutions other than nutrient solution dissolved manure components and treatments for preventing algae generation.
“Characteristic dissolved components”   include solid manure components used to cultivation solutions.
“Aeration”  means the dissolving oxygen in to nutrient solution. This subject also includes the matters for removal of unnecessary gas or for limiting oxygen concentration.
“Purification of cultivation solutions” includes the matters for waste fluids or for purifier agents.

Control of the environment of the cultivation chambers

“Control of the environment of the cultivation chambers” includes the matter for prevention of dusts and ventilations.