Patent on sampling of specimens for investigation,analysis.

If you want to investigate the environmental impact of chemicals or perform the safety assessment of feed additives, veterinary drugs, etc., it’s essential to take and prepare samples or specimens from organism or life form appropriately.
Many patents have been filed and registered in Japan in this field.
The summary of the Japanese patent’s outline ,especially about sampling of biological materials (i.e. living bodies) are as below.

Sampling operations

There are about 1200 registered patents about technologies of sampling operation.
“Suction” – Sampling by suction  (e.g. probes)
“Catching” – Sampling by Catching using Filter, Adhesive materials, etc.
“Reception” – Obtaining falling objects, or the like, by being received in containers
“Scraping,” – Sampling by scraping or wiping (e.g. cotton swabs)
“Cutting ” – Sampling by cutting,grinding, slicing
“Insertion”- Sampling by inserting containers or the like into the samples.
“Extracting” – Sampling by extracting , e.g. inserting sampling tubes,etc.
“Holding” –  Sampling by Holding using Tweezers ,Manipulators,etc.
“Scooping”-Sampling using dippers or scoops
“Extrusion”- Sampling by extruding the samples
“Boring” –  Sampling by boring
“Overflow” – Sampling overflowed specimens (e.g. fluid)
※the source – F-term:2G052 (FI:G01N1/00-1/44)

Other Characteristics on sampling

Ohter characteristics of these patents(purpose, effects, safety, or the like)  are as follows.
It seems that reliability, facilitation and efficiency improvement is relatively important from a patent point of view.

“Reliability”- Improvement of reliability
“Device”- Material features of devices, containers, or appliances
“Facilitation”- Facilitation
“Efficiency”- Improvement of efficiency, speed increase
“Safety “- against mechanical accidents, eakage, pollution, thermal measures etc.
“Anti-Interference”- Interference suppression, disturbance elimination
“Simplification”- Simplification
“Automation”- Automation
“Attachment”- Attachment and detachment features
“Downsizing”- Downsizing or weight reduction i.e. Portability, improvement of portability
“Alarm”- Alarm, information, emergency shutdown
“Maintenance”- Maintenance
“Plans “- Plans or prediction. For example, obtaining amounts, obtaining length, or the like are calculated in advance.


By the way , I heard that the staffs and veterinarians of in Africa saved sperm and eggs of northern white rhinoceros and freezed them this year.The northern white rhino is on the verge of extinction, but I hope that the number of them will increase in the future by these samples.