Pachi-suro are very pupular game in Japan.
They are Japanese style slot machine, and are installed in a Pachinko parior. But these Japanese slot are slightly different from so-called “slot machine”, for example, slot games in Lasvegas.
The biggest difference is that they have three switches for stopping each reel and pushing those buttons becomes an important factor of the games.

Below is the number of patents in Japan about slot machines.
Note) They were registered and include also expired patent.
















In above figure, mechanical reels type is the largest number, especially pachi-slo type’s patents are overwhelming majority.

*mechanical reels: slot machines having mechanical main reels
*Video slot: Video slot machines or electrical variable display means
*Disc slot: Disc slot machines or disc roulette types
*Pachi-slot: Pachinko slot machines with stop switches
*Casino slot: Casino types without stop switches

By the way ,the casino bill was passed in Japan in 2018 summer.
The casino bill is also called IR(Integrated Resorts) implementation bill , which will allow the opening of casino resorts incorporating hotels ,conference and shopping facilities (up to 3 places).

Speaking of slot game, as described above, Japan has already original culture of slot game.
By introduction of Casino in Japan, Japanese reel game’s culture could be mixed with foreign casino’s  and  many new wonderful games might be invented.