How to get Japanese keywords in Japanese patent search

If you want to search for Japanese patents, you may want to search them using Japanese key words as well as English ones.

Because in Japan, patents are published in Japanese.

When you want to find out the Japanese translations and synonyms of the word you focuse on, it’s convenient to use the WIPO PATENTSOPE tool. The tool is named “CLIR”, that stands for Cross Lingual Information Retrieval.

Cross Lingual Information Retrieval

CLIR allows you to expand your search-key-word in your language to Japnaese words. If you enter one keyword in English, you can learn English synonyms as well as the translation of both the keyword and the synonyms into Japanese. Actually as the translation of 13 languages including Japanese is available, you can select languages you want to search.

Detailed method


Enter the search query in the search box and select the language of your query.  For example, you enter “artificial intelligence”.

cross language


Select the technical domains and variants and synonyms relevant to your query.

cross language


Press translate button and you can get Japanese translations and synonyms.

Furthermore, define the fields in which you want to search and press “submit query”, you can search Japanese patents by PATENTSCOPE.

However, The above translations and synonyms are machine translation, so it may not be accurate.

If you want to search for patents with accurate Japanese keywords, please take a good look at our patnet search service (TechnoResearch).