First and leading company about patent search in Japan

TECHNORESEARCH was opened in 1979, and registered as online-search service agency (RegNo.0001) in 1985 at JOIS(JICST On-line Information System).
Since then we have accumulated manpower and knowhow and maintain to be the good qualified search company, holding about 70 patent search specialists. We will provide the meaningful outputs in a timely manner to support your business development.

Greetings from company chairperson Kimio Arai

Thank you very much for visiting our website. TECHNORESEARCH is a Japan’s leading expert in information collection and information analysis. We collect usefull information in a timely manner, analyse and evaluate the collected data, and then provide the best possible answer to help your decision making. I am proud that we could have repeated this simple routine for more than 35 years as an independent company. We always do our best to be your best business partner.

Our Mottoes and Corporate Philosophy

Corporate Philosophy
We will contribute to the industrial development by supporting the study and technical development through our patent and technical research and analysis.
We will comply with laws and regulations, take corporate responsibility in the society, and provide reliable services to our clients.
We will aim for the top of the IP search industry as a specialists group with ability to catch on the cutting edge technology.