Collection Search (Theme Search)

We search and collect the information of the patents that are relevalant to your newly developing theme. Our report is created to clearly show the technical categories and technical ideas according to your needs. So, you can utilize our effort to grasp your competitors’ techniques and patent right status and to maximize your effective R&D.


Invalidity Document Search

We collect the effective documents (patent or non-patent) to invalidate target patent(your competitors’ patent). Our report includes a table, in which each feature in the competitor’s claims and disclosed contents in the description are shown side by side.


SDI (Selective Dissemination of Information)

We recommend to continuously conduct SDI search after the Collection Search (Theme Search)theme, so that you can grasp the information on latest patents and the competitors’ imortant patents. The information on these can be really usuful because you can timely reflct it on your R&D.